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Why Study Abroad?

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends:

East Carolina University believes strongly in the development of an international perspective among its students and faculty. We strive to provide individuals with a variety of international opportunities, helping them develop clear insights into the increasing interdependence of today’s world. Our goal is to promote an understanding of how differences among nations, cultures, races and languages influence our perceptions of world issues and events.

One of the most exciting educational experiences offered at East Carolina University is the opportunity for students to spend time studying abroad. Living and studying in another country provides students with opportunities that are unique to the college experience, as the cultural and social interactions produced through living abroad effect an individual’s academic and personal growth in ways impossible to duplicate at home. While the responsibilities are great, students who meet these challenges find that they are more mature, well-rounded individuals than before. Students return home with changes in cultural attitudes, heightened critical-thinking skills, and clearer perceptions of the world around them.

In addition to personal and academic growth, the study abroad experience also has a positive impact on future employment opportunities. We recognize that the 21st Century economy will be that of a global economy, and that the student with the personal experience of interacting with other cultures will have a head start in finding future success in the workplace.

Students with a study abroad background are often perceived by prospective employers as being more flexible and open to challenges than other students. This experience, particularly when combined with a foreign language capability, may result in an entirely new series of options concerning future employment.

We believe that serious students are anxious to learn about other cultures and apply these skills throughout their adult lives. We urge you to consider one of the study abroad options.

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