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  • Attend an Information Session

Come to an information session held at the International House to learn more about the types of programs available, the differences between them, and the various application procedures.  These sessions are held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 PM during the regular semester when classes are in session.

  • Speak with your Academic Advisor

    Shafiq Zaib, China

    Shafiq Zaib exploring the Great Wall of China

Let your academic advisor know about your plans to study abroad.  Ask questions about which courses you still need to take for your degree and if there would be any issue with transferring major coursework from another institution.

  • Research, research, research

Search across the various options available and find the site that will best fit your needs, whether it be academically or personally.  Choose only one type of program to apply to (e.g. Bilateral, UNCEP, ISEP), and choose several different sites within the program to include on your application where you would be happy to study for a semester.

  • Meet with the Education Abroad Advisor

If you have more questions, meet with the Education Abroad Advisor.  We will do our best to answer your questions about studying abroad.