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Have you just returned from a summer, semester, or year abroad?  Take advantage of these programs hosted by the International House!

Photo Contest

Each fall ECU students who have studied overseas the previous fall, spring, or summer are eligible to participate in the photo contest.  Check back here for contest rules and submission dates!

Global Ambassadors

This peer advising program was developed to enhance both the student experience and to create more services available for our potential study abroad students.  With only a handful of returned students chosen to be Global Pirates each year, the participants show outsanding characteristics of enthusiasm for education overseas.  The application process will be available again next fall.

International Student Pick-up and Orientation

Introduce international students to ECU and Greenville by volunteering to pick them up from the airport and helping with international student orientation.  It's a wonderful way to give these new students a spiritful welcome to a Pirate's life.

First Friends

Literally become an international student's "first" American friend.  You will be matched up with an international student who shares your interests, and you two can hang out as much as you want.  First Friends can be a great way to gain a conversation partner, teach someone about football culture, or just hang out at the library to study together.